Practice Areas

expand_iconAdministrative Law

Our attorneys assist our local and international clients daily, representing them in all matters and processes before municipal and national authorities.

expand_iconAircraft Financing

Our firm’s Aircraft Finance practice represents leasing companies, financial guarantors and other participants in a broad array of aircraft financing, including:

Cross-Border acquisitions

Cross-border financing

Fractional-share corporate aircraft ownership

Leveraged and operating leasing


Securitizations and portfolio securitizations

Senior and subordinated loans

Structured financing

expand_iconBanking and Finance Law

We are experienced in:

Obtaining banking licenses

Obtaining licenses for financial corporations

Matters before the Superintendency of Banks and the Administrator of Financial Corporations of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Legal advice with regard to banking and finance regulations.

Legal advice related to secured transactions (lines of credit, syndicated loans, and others).

expand_iconCivil Law

Our firm offers legal assistance in all types of civil transactions, such as the purchase-sale of real property, lease contracts, registration of mortgages, and others.

expand_iconCommercial Law

We handle various transactions in the commercial sphere, which include, without limitation, purchase-sale agreements, franchises license contracts, agency and distribution agreements, transfer of know-how, financial and operative leases, guarantee contracts, and negotiable instruments.

expand_iconConsumer Protection Law

We file and litigate legal actions before the Consumer Protection and Competition Defense Authority to safeguard the rights of the consumer.

expand_iconCorporate Law

In the sphere of Corporate Law, our services include:

The formation of commercial entities (corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, join-ventures, and others)

Administrative services such as drafting of minutes, powers of attorney, and investigations in the Public Registry.

Legal advice related to the formation, administration, and operation of corporations.

Advice with regard to the formation of joint ventures.

Shareholders’ agreements

We work with various jurisdictions, such as Panama, British Virgin Islands, British Anguilla, Western Samoa, Belize, Republic of Seychelles, New Zealand, and others.

expand_iconEmployment Law and Social Security

In the area of employment law, we draft and review employment contracts, obtain work permits for foreigners, aid in labor audits, handle individual conciliations and collective mediations before the labor authorities, negotiate collective mediations before the labor authorities, negotiate collective conventions, and offer representation in the employment law jurisdiction for all types of litigations in this field.

We also handle matters before the social security authorities.

expand_iconEstate Planning

We provide legal advice with regard to estate planning, including aid in the drafting and execution of wills, the granting of legacy trusts, and the structuring of legal instruments for asset protection, such as Private Interest Foundations and family-owned corporations, among others. Each estate plan is tailor-made to satisfy the individual needs of each client.

expand_iconImmigration Law

We rely on vast experience in processing applications for all types of visas. Among theses are visas for executives, investor visas, visas for professional technicians, as well as applications for permanent residency (green card) and naturalization. We handle all required documentations for the applicable client’s entry into and exit out of the country, as well as for the regularization of the client’s immigration status and that of his or her family members.

expand_iconLitigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution

Our firm offers full service in the area of litigation. Amongst our specialities are civil and commercial actions, in general.

expand_iconMergers & Acquisitions and Structures Corporate Finance

We handle all aspects of corporate finance transactions, including public or private security offerings, financial asset securitization, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and corporate restructuring.

expand_iconPrivate Interest Foundations

We handle everything from the formation and structuring of the Private Interest Foundations, to the drafting of the regulations needed for the proper administration and/or distribution of the founder’s assets, and the furtherance of the Foundations objectives.

expand_iconTax Law

Our firm provides legal advice with regard to fiscal planning for specific operations, as well as fiscal planning in general. In addition, we represent our clients in matters before the tax authorities of the Republic of Panama.


We handle everything from registration of a corporation before the Panamanian Tourism Institute to advising our clients in the planning and establishment of tourism-related projects, with the goal of taking advantage of the fiscal incentives provided by applicable legislation.

expand_iconTrusts and Estates

Paredes & Asociados aids in the drafting and incorporation of trusts under Panamanian law. We also provide legal assistance in the administration of said trusts.

We provide legal advice related to the structuring of all types of trusts (guarantee, administration, real estate, legacy, investment, and special-purpose trusts).

We work closely alongside the most prestigious banks with trust licenses and professional trustees in the country.